Most schools have limited budgets so we aim to provide a solution that suits your budget and machine requirements.


2nd hand lasers

We also offer 2nd hand, refurbished systems but please be aware that these sell quickly so if you'd like us to notify you when we get hold of 2nd hand systems let us know.

The opportunities are endless and your only limit is your imagination...

Fed up with cheap, inferior machine alternatives?

Constant breakdowns?

No support from your supplier?

No training?

Costing you more in the longer term?

Seemlessly enhancing projects and exposing the students to advanced cutting edge technologies. These technologies are indispensable in providing students access to physical models, hands on experience with machinery and vital digital data.

The range of equipment we supply is industrial quality, with ease of use being the primary objective. Ideal for a broad spectrum of environments and applications, from engineers and industrial designers requiring the highest resolution and repeatability possible, in addition to the versatility and experimental aspects required in education and the fine arts sector.

Lasers have revolutionised the teaching of CAD/CAM in education and their versatility allows them to be used across the curriculum. From fine engraving onto textiles to cutting acrylic and wood, the applications really are endless and allow students of all abilities to achieve fantastic results and push the boundaries when it comes to their design concepts.

With a laser in place it allows children of all abilities to produce high quality work that they can be proud of. Design Technology is the most commonly used section of the curriculum to benefit from the integration of a laser but its uses can span across to textiles, food technology and resistant materials. The applications for a laser in a school really are limitless.

Which machine will suit us?

Many of our educational customers look at either the VLS desktop or the VLS Platform Range of systems we offer...

The bed sizes range from 405x305mm to 812x457mm so we are certain to have a machine to suit you...



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